Capacity – Vertical Machine Centres

3,500mm x 820mm capacity | 3 tonnes max loading | 9 machines

Mazak VTC-800/30SR

Vertical machining centre with with 5-axis path Milling. Bed capacity 3.5m x 0.82m . X axis – 3,000mm, Y axis – 800mm, Z axis – 720mm. Table to 500 RPM, Spindle to 18,000 RPM.

Mazak MTV 815/120

Bed capacity 3.26m x 0.81m. X axis – 3,240mm, Y axis – 870mm, Z axis – 750mm. Spindle to 4,000 RPM.

Mazak MTV 655/80

Bed capacity 2.24m x 0.66m. X axis – 2,000mm, Y axis – 650mm, Z axis – 650mm. Spindle to 6000 RPM.

Mazak VTC 20C

Bed capacity 2.m x 0.51m. X axis – 1,660mm, Y axis – 760mm, Z axis – 510mm. Spindle to 9000 RPM (3 machines).

Mazak VTC 20B

Bed capacity 1.45m x 0.52m. X axis – 1,040mm, Y axis – 640mm, Z axis – 510mm. Spindle to 7000 RPM.

Mazak V550

Bed capacity 1.74m x 0.665m. X axis – 1,500mm, Y axis – 1000mm, Z axis –1000mm. Spindle to 35,000 RPM.

Mazak FJV-250

Bed capacity 1.2m x 0.55m. X axis – 1,380mm, Y axis – 750mm, Z axis – 580mm. Spindle to 25,000 RPM.


Detailed Specifications

If you are looking for more detailed specifications check out our full capacity tables.