Capacity – CNC Vertical Turning and Boring

2900mm dia capacity | 1430mm max height | 3 machines

Webster & Bennet VTL 58ERNC

Vertical Surface and Boring Machine 1473mm dia.  Max dia of work piece 1,500mm, Height under cross rail 1,430mm, 5 station tool changer.

Webster & Bennet Twin Turrett

Vertical Surface and Boring Machine 2,900mm dia.  Max dia of work piece 3,000mm, Height under cross rail 1,000mm, 5 station tool changer.

O-M OMega

Vertical Surface and Boring Machine, 1473mm dia.  Max turning dia. 1,500mm , Height under cross rail 1000mm, 6 station tool changer.


Detailed Specifications

If you are looking for more detailed specifications check out our full capacity tables.