Your Engineering Partners

We are a long established, subcontract manufacturing and engineering company. We take great pride in our ability to work across a wide range of engineering disciplines, from high volume parts manufacturing to one-offs for some of the world’s most challenging engineering projects.

Power Generation

Working in stress relieved aluminium billet and exotic metals such as inconel, aluminium bronze and stainless, our engineers are experienced in the machining of a variety of essential components. Including dual plate, check valves for use in the Hydrocarbon, Energy and Process Industries.

Some of the specialist components that we manufacture for generators can weigh in excess of 14 tonnes.


The UK has a long and proud history in the design and build of luxury, ocean going yachts.

We have contributed to some leading projects and our work has included the manufacture of high-tech heel and deck bearings. With diameters of 2.5 metres they can weigh over 4 tonnes each and can support masts of up to 100 metres in height.

Off Highway Vehicles

We have long standing supply agreements with some of the UK’s leading plant and machinery manufacturers. Working closely with production line managers we have the ability to increase production to meet client demand.

We continually monitor our own performance and are often responsible for completing our own quality assessments. We are extremely proud to have supplied over 5,000 large chassis to one production line without a single rejection.


We have a unique understanding of the demands of this sector and our work has included the large volume manufacture of subsea hydraulic accumulators. Operating under pressures of over 35,000 psi, the surface finish and profile threads require particular attention to detail and our engineers are used to working to these fine tolerances.

We also machine and assemble essential parts for heat transfer units. These high value units can represent budgets in excess of £750,000, meaning there is no margin for error. Our quality and delivery has made us a preferred supplier and a valuable partner on many long term projects.

Bloodhound SSC

The Bloodhound SSC will attempt to break the land speed record by the end of 2015 – by reaching speeds of over 1,000mph. PPSI is proud to have contributed to the project with the supply of composite body clamps and hood latches.

You can keep up to date with this truly remarkable project here.


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